Tuesday, March 09, 2010

GGW Discusses CSTNE Project's 3 Conceptual Designs

Greater Greater Washington's (GGW) David Alpert writes a really 'great' synopsis of Toole Design Group's 3 conceptual design layouts for CSTNE.

At the February 20, 2010 CSTNE Workshop, Toole Design Group presented 5 conceptual design alternatives. All 5 alternatives were laid out and Bill Schultheiss, project manager, presented each of the alternative's potential pros and cons to the workshop participants. Since a couple of the alternatives were similar to one another, the workshop group was able to decide 3 out of 5 of the alternatives were worth pursuing as a potential preferred design. The preferred design will be selected, by the community, later this year. Once selected, Toole Design Group will take the design to about 30% construction plan completion and then hand it over to DDOT.

Existing Condition

Conceptual Design A

Conceptual Design B

Conceptual Design C

You can view, in detail, each of the the 3 conceptual design alternatives, in their entirety, through on GGW's, "Plans envision "green street" for C Street, NE", by clicking on each image, about midway within the post. There also is an existing condition layout available too.

Soon, CSTNE will upload each of the 3 design concept layouts for those interested in studying, referencing and/or commenting.

Please let us now which concept (A, B or C) you prefer and elements you like, dislike or don't see and would like included!

One again a huge thanks to David Alpert of GGW for continuing to cover the CSTNE Project, the exposure is greatly appreciated!

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