Thursday, February 18, 2010

C Street NE Workshop this Saturday 02.20.10 @ 10AM

When: February 20, 2010 @ 10AM

Where: Maury ES, 1250 Constitution Ave, NE (gymnasium, doors on 13th St.)

What: The second workshop in a series of 4 scheduled meetings (two stakeholder workshops and two public meetings).

Bill Schultheiss, Project Manager, Toole Design Group, will present 4 conceptual designs. The workshop group will discuss and vote on a preferred conceptual design based on pedestrian/student/cyclist safety, environmental benefits, improvement to residents' quality of life, community connectivity and potential traffic impact. Bill will also review the next steps for the project.

HERE is a list of participants' suggested items from the 1st workshop.

Contact: Bill Schultheiss, Project Manager, Toole Design Group -

Project Overview: DDOT has begun a transportation and environmental study of the C Street and North Carolina Avenue corridor from 21st St. to 14th St., NE. The study is a result of community requests for safety and environmental improvements to the C St NE corridor. Results and recommendations from the study will be used to develop a preliminary design for the District’s first sustainable green street to efficiently and safely move people via foot, bicycle, transit and motor-vehicle. It is DDOT’s goal that this project be a community driven study that strives to attain an integrated infrastructure balancing the functions of mobility, safety, community connectivity, urban design and environmental sustainability.

The project will define means to improve safety for residents and school children, reduce storm water runoff and reduce traffic speeds. The findings and recommendations of the study will be reported back to the community for review and comment.


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