Thursday, July 16, 2009

Requests to Improve C & 19th Street, NE Vacant Lot

Two service requests have been submitted through DC's Service Request Center to improve site conditions along C Street, NE in front of a vacant lot near the corner of C & 19th St. The vacant lot is Federally owned.

As the pictures indicate, the vacant lot is well maintained except for the area at the existing C Street driveway apron. Jersey barriers have been placed to block the driveway and vegetation, more like tree saplings, have taken harbor and refuge. Missing sidewalks flank either side of the existing driveway apron; there is only a grassy and a rocky pathway as a dangerous substitute. Not including the asphalt driveway apron, approximately 60ft of sidewalk is missing.

1. Service Request 2183466 - Jersey Barriers & Vegetation Overgrowth
a. Remove vegetation overgrowth
b. Remove barriers and replace with wood bollards

2. Service Request 2193772 - Missing sidewalk
a. Replace approximately 60ft of missing concrete sidewalk

Updates will be posted to track progress.