Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Service Request to Improve C & 19th Street Lot

First step, the saplings have been cut down! Second step, remove 'jersey barriers' and replace with wood bollards.

Thanks to City staff for their quick efforts to begin addressing this service request (2183466). It appears this was done around 08/07/09, just 30 days from the service request submission. It's assumed it is a joint effort between Department of Works and Co-Ward 6 Outreach & Service Specialists Forest Hayes and Chris Taylor with the Executive Office of the Mayor.

Before: Sapling Refuge Amongst 'Jersey Barriers'

After: Saplings Removed, Revealing Ugly 'Jersey Barriers' (apology for the poor quality camera-phone photo)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Request to Improve C Street, NE Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians crossing the 90ft wide (curb-to-curb) C street, NE "great divide" at the 17th & 19th Streets intersections are in a dangerous and hazardous duel with motor-vehicles turning from 17th and 19th Streets on to C Street, NE. Because of the vast distance pedestrians traverse, and the large vehicle turning movement, motorist and pedestrian chronically are dueling for the same space while navigating C Street.

The long term solution would be to greatly decreasing the distance a pedestrian is in the roadway (reducing vehicle lanes, create intersection bulb-outs, increase median width) and provide all stop intersections to allow pedestrians, cyclists, roller-bladers, etc. to move through the intersection without "competing" for space/time with motorists.

Service Request 1985543

17th & C Street, NE Intersection (looking south)

Service Request 1985540

19th & C Street, NE Intersection (looking north)