Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to the C Street, NE Project Blog!

Welcome to the C Street, NE Project Blog!

This blog was created to collectively gather citizen, civic-representative and civil-servant support to transform C street, NE, from 21st Street to 16th Street, from a minor arterial commuter & commercial corridor into a green, residential gateway for the Greater Capitol Hill community.

C Street, NE Project Manifesto

1. Provide a central location to disseminate and access timely C Street, NE related information and resources
2. Create a community forum to discuss current C Street, NE problems and consider future solutions
3. Build and maintain support and momentum for permanent, positive changes for C Street, NE during the next scheduled reconstruction project

Thank you for visiting the site,

Ken Granata

PS… one suggestion, use the "Blog Archive" bar on the lower right portion of the site to readily access relevant information. Because there is so much supporting information and the limitation of this blog structure, a variety of existing and proposed data has been organized as individual posts, refer to the below example:

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