Friday, December 05, 2008

C Street, NE - Existing Vehicle Speeds

DDOT/TSA Speed Study Map, April 2007 (Excerpted Area)

C Street's 85th Percentile Vehicular Speed is >38MPH – Posted Speed Limit is 25MPH. The DDOT/TSA map above was created from the data table below.

DDOT "D.C. Speed Study" August 2006, Prepared by Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) Excerpted Summary Speed Table, Page 1 of 8

2006 Capitol Hill Transporation Study Map, AM Traffic Speeds (Excerpted Area)

As the DDOT map indicates, morning vehicular speeds exceed the post speed-limit along a majority of the C Street focus area. Additionally, the exceeded posted-speed-limit area (> 25mph) is directly within the Eliot-Hines JHS "school-zone", creating unsafe conditions for students traveling to school.

2006 Capitol Hill Transportation Study Map, PM Traffic Speeds (Excerpted Area)

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