Monday, December 29, 2008

NCPC - RFK Stadium Site Study Vision for C Street, NE

Obviously, NCPC - RFK Stadium Site redevelopment Study is just that, a study. And, all concepts, layouts and visions for the large parcel are only conceptual to foster discussion of the site's potential as major destination for both residents and tourists.

But, I have to agree with the Study, Constitution Ave and Independence Ave (flanking East Capitol Street) should be reconstructed as the axial corridor connecting the monumental core to Capitol Hill East's Anacostia River shores. This moves the original DC layout much closer to its envisioned symmetry. Refer to the excerpted text below...

What is most exciting in NCPC's conceptual "Street Network", proposing C Street terminate at the edge of the site's green-space area and disconnect completely from East Capitol Street, as currently configured. Whether this vision is ever realized or not, directing downtown destined (or inversed, leaving downtown) vehicular traffic to use current major east-west commercial arterials (such as, Pennsylvania Ave, New York Ave and Benning RD/H Street) is vital to the health and safety of all Capitol Hill residents and visitors.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally against reinforcing Independence Ave as an on-ramp to the East Capital Bridge. East Capital Street should be the main gateway and exit street to/from Capital Hill. It's wider and the homes are set back (in most areas) from the street. I live on Independence and the commuter traffic is terrible. At some point the planners connected C St NE and Independence to the East Capital St. Bridge, going around RFK. That action needs to be reversed.