Friday, December 05, 2008

C Street, NE - Existing Traffic Volumes

DDOT 2006 Traffic Volume Map (Excerpted Area)

DDOT 2006 Traffic Volume Map Legend

As the above DDOT map indicates above, C Street, NE three west-bound vehicular lanes carry upwards of 20,000+ commuter & commercial vehicles each weekday

Graph & Table
DDOT 1-Day Traffic Volume Report
C Street, NE - Three West-bound Traffic Lanes
July 16, 2008

At the request of RCA Transportation Committee, DDOT conducted a 1-day Traffic Volume Study on C Street's three west-bound traffic lanes on July 16, 2008. Nearly 18,000 vehicles were counted for the 24-hour study period and about half of those west-bound vehicles were counted between 6AM - 9AM.

As of October 2008, DDOT's Transportation Policy & Planning Administration has placed funds in the FY 2009 local ROW spending plan for a focused traffic analysis of C Street, NE to specifically determine the impacts of reducing traffic capacity and altering the operational cross section on C Street, NE.

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