Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traffic Calming Measures in Mayor's 2010 Proposed Budget

Below are a few excerpts from a Washington Post article today, read the full article HERE, about some of Mayor Fenty's proposed revenue generating items to balance the 2010 budget. Some of these items are geared towards motorists who violate current city vehicular traffic laws. C Street, NE is a great place for some of the proposed items, if implemented; especially, over-weight trucks and motorists who accelerate through yellow signal-lights.

(click to view larger version, highlights have been added)

(click to view larger version, highlights have been added)

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RobOnTheHill said...

Great. Let's get some of that money and have them install a permanent camera on C St. The MPD data on the tickets issued by the mobile camera (more than 9,200 in 11 months for at least $450 K) more than justifies any cost. It'll pay for itself in less than a month.