Monday, March 16, 2009

Request to Revise C Street, NE 'Local Destination Sign'

A DC Service Request, see request below, has been submitted to revise the existing blue 'local destination sign', sign no. V10905, on the C Street, NE median just west of 17th Street. Note: currently this sign is directed towards motorist, not pedestrians or cyclists.

DC Service Request #2057886

The service request, submitted to DDOT, is to revise/update the 'local destinations' from "Downtown" (east sign face) to community based destinations, such as: "Eastern Market" and "Lincoln Park" (pointing toward North Carolina Ave) and "Stanton Park" (pointing straight on C Street). The service requested also recommends adding "Anacostia Riverwalk Trail" to the west sign face.

Existing East Sign Face (Arrow points towards North Carolina Ave and Lincoln Park)

The idea is to change C Street's image, and subsequent neighborhood streets, from a cut-through corridor to reach downtown, to a residential greenway connecting the Greater Capitol Hill community to it's great outdoor spaces.

Update: Allan Fye DDOT Transportation Planner, Transportation Policy and Planning Administration, spoke with DDOT's Lewis Booker, who manages the 'local destination sign' program (those architectural blue information signs), about the above request and Mr. Lewis stated he is personally working with the contractor to get the sign updated. Mr. Lewis is currently working with the sign contractor to update the downtown pedestrian directed blue local destination signs and then will begin updating the motorist directed signs.


Anonymous said...

There's a very specific scoring system used to rate whether something warrants being put on the blue signs. It's not Booker's call.

Ken said...

Admittedly, this is the first we have heard of a "very specific scoring system" DDOT uses to consider what should or should not be on the local destination signs; though we concede, we do not know all program's details. During previous conversations with Mr. Booker, he did not mention such a system; we will ask him when it comes time to consider the request and post what is available.

Do you know where we can review further information on the scoring system? We would like to review and post the specifications.

Do you know who's "call" it is in the decision-making process? We would like to contact him/her to learn more about the program.

Do you have any recommendations for the destination sign, other than "Downtown"?

Thank you for your comment.