Saturday, June 13, 2009

C Street, NE Update: 13,246 Speeding Citations Issued!

Since the west-bound C Street, NE mobile speed-camera's inception, December 1, 2007, until June 10, 2009 there have been:

13,246* vehicular speeding citations issued by MPD!

Average per month: 716 citations
Average per day: 23 citations

We believe the above figure validates a request to erect a permanent speed-camera, in the same vicinity as the mobile speed camera (18th & C Streets, NE), to enforce the 25 MPH speed-limit in both the east- AND west-bound vehicular lanes.

C Street, NE, from Oklahoma Ave (21st Street) to 15th Street, is completely residential and includes Eliot-Hines Junior HS school-zone, (between 19th St and 17th Place). It is also an approximately 90ft wide (7 lanes with parking) asphalt void, dividing the Rosedale and Kingman Park's residents from Eliot-Hines JHS and grounds and service souths, such as, the Stadium-Armory Metrorail Station.

Please join RCA’s Transportation Committee at this week's ANC6A Public Safety Committee meeting - Sherwood Recreation Center (corner of 10th and G Street NE) - on Thursday evening, June 18 @ 7pm, as we conduct a brief presentation and discussion on C Street’s dangerous existing conditions and propose some design ideas on how to transform C Street, NE from a minor arterial commuter & commercial corridor into a safer, green, residential, multi-modal gateway for the Greater Capitol Hill Community.

RCA will also request ANC6A support 3 major transportation and safety initiatives:

1. Reduce at least one west-bound vehicular lane (3 to 2 lanes)
2. Erect a permanent speed-camera to enforce the 25MPH speed limit along the east- AND west-bound vehicular lanes
3. Prohibiting motor-coaches and commercial vehicles > 1-1/2 tons G.V.W.

*Data was requested from and provided by Sergeant Mark Robinson - MPD, Homeland Security Bureau, Traffic Safety & Specialized Enforcement Branch.

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