Monday, April 05, 2010

Returning C Street NE to the Neighborhood?

"This is really an effort to return Sherman Avenue to the neighborhood," said John Lisle, spokesperson for DDOT.

The preceding comes from a DCist post about DDOT's redesign of Sherman Ave, NW.

If we as a community could only convince DDOT to see the same opportunity in C Street NE (and East Capitol Street), we could all really move forward and make substantial quality-of-life, health and safety gains for the Greater Capitol Hill Community (GCHC).

But, DDOT is reluctant and is holding a death grip around the need to move thousands of commuter and commercial vehicles through the GCHC neighborhood street grid because, "the Whitney-Young Memorial Bridge (East Capitol Street) is one of the few bridges to cross the Anacostia River and has the motor-vehicle capacity" (paraphrase from multiple staff in DDOT).

So, there is no reason to consider other strategies or plans to correct a long standing transportation mistake which is a big problem for our community? Every problem has a solution(s). Sometimes the means is multifaceted and multi-phased, but the end still can be achieved, with both residents and commuters benefiting.

More on this idea to come...

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