Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Traffic Calming & Green Streetscape Elements

In preparation for this Saturday's workshop, the following are some traffic-calming and environment-sustaining roadway elements for the workshop group to consider during the designing process.

Multi-modal (pedestrian and cyclist) Greenways

Roundabouts (Circles in DC)

Raised Crosswalks

Median Barrier

Median Refuge

Circles (small circles)

Chicanes & Serpentines

Bulb-outs or Curb-extensions

Footballs (Chicaned Medians)

Roadway Surfaces (Visual or Textural)

Stormwater Management

Images were extracted from the following websites:

Department of Transportation, FHA

Tempe, Arizona Transportation Division

New York, New York DOT

American Society of Landscape Architects

Project for Public Spaces

Jack and Soonthree's Internet Igloo

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and TRB

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