Wednesday, November 04, 2009

THIH Talks Transportation with Tommy Wells

The Hill Is Home (THIH) sat down with our Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells about transportation issues concerning Ward 6. Tommy is a true champion and city-leader of the livable, walkable and bikable urban movement.

Below is an excerpted paragraph noting C Street, NE, but you can read the entire THIH post here.

Transportation utopia is not created overnight. In the meantime, Council Member Wells is focusing on local transportation hot spots. For instance, streets like C Street and Constitution Avenue, Northeast, are our neighborhood streets, but city transportation planners consider them arteries. What to do when this creates tension? There are unfortunately not many permanent solutions to be had at the moment. While Benning Road and H Street, Northeast are still under construction, there are not many other places for cars to go. Once these projects are finished, Wells envisions solutions that move cars to the major roads that can truly handle them while instituting traffic calming measures on neighborhood streets that need them, and DDOT has already begun work on plans to shift traffic once construction is complete.

Thanks to THIH's Sharee Lawler for addressing the transportation issue, it is a chronic problem that effects all Ward 6 residents from safety to quality-of-life. It is an issue we as a Ward should discuss and address more often, especially concerning areas surrounding our public gathering spaces.


Sharee Lawler said...

Thanks for sharing with your readers too. Your blog was a great resource for me. As a very frustrated resident of C St at 13th myself, I'm shocked at the disregard by drivers -- even while students are walking to Maury, just one block away.

Keep up the good work!

Ken said...

Collectively we can make a difference, so "Keep up the good work!" back at you...