Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wells Supports Permanent Speed-camera on C Street, NE!

Full Letter sent to MPD Home Land Security Chief Patrick Burke

Excerpted Body of the Letter (click on image to read larger version)

As the above letter states, since the west-bound C Street, NE mobile speed-camera's inception, December 1, 2007, until June 10, 2009 there have been:

13,246* vehicular speeding citations issued by MPD!

Average per month: 716 citations
Average per day: 23 citations

- the MPD mobile speed-camera is only periodically deployed during the week and rarely deployed on the weekends. Additionally, it is deployed only in the west-bound vehicle travel lanes, with no east-bound enforcement for motorist accelerating toward RFK stadium and the Whitney-Young Bridge (East Capitol Street).

HERE are two previous posts on existing vehicle speeds and MPD's mobile speed-camera.

Another Big "thanks" to Council Member Wells and his staff, especially Chief-of-Staff Charles Allen and Smart Growth & Transportation Policy Advisor Anne Phelps, for recognizing the importance of resident and student safety along this portion of C Street, NE.

*Data was requested from and provided by Sergeant Mark Robinson - MPD, Homeland Security Bureau, Traffic Safety & Specialized Enforcement Branch.

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