Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Service Request to Improve C & 19th Street Lot

First step, the saplings have been cut down! Second step, remove 'jersey barriers' and replace with wood bollards.

Thanks to City staff for their quick efforts to begin addressing this service request (2183466). It appears this was done around 08/07/09, just 30 days from the service request submission. It's assumed it is a joint effort between Department of Works and Co-Ward 6 Outreach & Service Specialists Forest Hayes and Chris Taylor with the Executive Office of the Mayor.

Before: Sapling Refuge Amongst 'Jersey Barriers'

After: Saplings Removed, Revealing Ugly 'Jersey Barriers' (apology for the poor quality camera-phone photo)


Tom A. said...

Nice work. I'm fairly sure the lot behind the concrete barrier is owned by the feds. I always thought it would be a nice park or garden space.

Ken said...

Thanks Tom.

You are absolutely right, it is Federal property. I thought I researched this previously, but when I reviewed DCOZ map ( it is labeled as Federal, not DC. Since that’s the case, I guess we won't see anything done with it, park or residential row houses (my preference) for a long time.

Thanks again!