Friday, April 10, 2009

C Street, NE - MPD Speed Camera Data

One of a variety of MPD's moblie speed camera units deployed @ C & 18th Streets, NE

One of a number of advisory combination Speed-limit and Photo-enforced signs along the west-bound lane of C Street, NE

Speed-camera Unit Location (Click on image to view larger version)

The below table was created based on data FOIA'd from MPD's Traffic Safety and Specialized Enforcement Branch (TS&SEB). Since the summer of 2007, we have successfully collaborated with Sergeant Mark Robinson of the TS&SEB, and his team, to deploy the mobile speed camera on C Street, NE (at the intersection of 18th Street). Since it's inception, first deployed in December 2007, more than 9,200 west-bound motorists have been cited for violating the enforceable 25MPH speed limit. Note: DDOT has posted a a 15MPH school-zone speed-limit between 8A-5P, but MPD enforces the 25MPH speed-limit.

(Click on table to view larger version)

Based on the above data (and subsequent months to soon follow), we have urged MPD to expand deployment to include the east-bound vehicular lanes. Our long-term goal is to have a fixed, permanent (at least until DDOT can redesign and reconstruct the street) speed-camera placed in the C Street median to continuously enforce the 25MPH speed limit in both the east and west-bound traffic lanes.

MPD has been very responsive and supportive of our efforts to reduce chronic excessive speeding (>30 mph) along this residential street, which includes a school-zone (Eliot-Hines JHS). We would like to thank Sergeant Mark Robinson, and TS&SEB's speed-camera team, for their commitment and dedication. Their high quality of service is testimony to MPD's dedication to student, pedestrian and cyclist safety along DC neighborhood streets.


mandie said...

Great Work Ken! & thanks to MPD for following through on this. I would love to see it on both sides of the street. To have this much speeding in a residential area, across from a school is insane.
It looks like over 9,000 infractions! am i reading the table wrong?

Ken said...

Thanks Mandie.

Yeah, you're reading right 9,200+ tickets from December 2007 to mid-October 2008, less than a year! I am safely assuming it is currently over 10,000. And, that is only in the west-bound direction during the week, MPD is rarely there on the weekends.

Appreciate the support!

RobOnTheHill said...

Yep, great work Ken. Wow.

Assuming the average ticket was $50, that means MPD raised more than $460,000 in 11 months with an average of more than 800 tickets a month or 200 per week.

If they had a permanent camera working 24 hours a day they would raise a lot more money for the city coffers. As we all know, some of the fastest cars go down C St between 8 PM and 7 PM.