Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update: 17th & 19th Streets Conversion to Two-way Operations

Allan Fye, DDOT Transportation Planner, sent an update regarding the conversion of 17th & 19th Streets to two-way operations.

"The design work for the [17th & 19th Streets] conversion is in the TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan) for 2010. The project will require developing the process to convert the streets to two way traffic, including restriping, signage, signal timing, etc. This list is not exhaustive (as I am not an engineer). I will be in touch as soon as I make some more progress on the scope of work for the study."

Here is the link to the Capitol Transportation Study Draft Final Report discussing the analysis of the two-way conversions, which includes 17th & 19th Streets.

This is great news for all those who have repeatedly requested this information from DDOT. Once again, a BIG thank you to Allan Fye ( for proactively tracking down this information and dissemiating it to the public.

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